PrintAlbum artwork for Indianapolis band Veseria, 2012Album artwork for Indianapolis artist, Change Theif- 2011Show Flyer for Indianapolis band, Veseria- 2010Show Flyer for Indianapolis band Veseria- 2012Show Flyer for Indianapolis band Veseria- 2011Event Flyer for local Bar and Grill- The DogHouse- 2011Eblast for Buzline 2015Web banner for Buzline-2015Web banner for Buzline- 2014Post trade show eblast for for Buzline- 2014IPA-Holiday-Flyer-2013Eblast for Buzline- 2014Eblast for Buzline- 2014Web banner for Buzline. Original photo. 2013Eblast for Buzline- 2013Eblast for Buzline. Original Photo- 2013Eblast for Buzline-2014